Awesome Monster-Killing Clip of the Day: Sarah Connor and Jin Versus an Army of Cloverfields

Sometimes you just need to end the day with some explosions and some people killing weird mega-bats. Here's an awesome sequence from the movie The Cave, in which a bunch of humans take out a nest of hybrid Orc/Cloverfield Monsters.

Spoilers below...

The Cave is a reasonably entertaining slice of B-movie cheese. In the Carpathian Mountains, there's an old church, which turns out to have a secret cave under it. And inside that cave, is another church, a much older church. And under that hidden church, is another cave. One which stretches miles and miles into the mountains, under the water and through nests of creatures that look like a mashup of every CG movie monster from the 2000s. There's also a weird parasite that infects all the life in the cave and turns it into mutants, which is what's happening to the leader of our human expedition in that clip.


The above sequence, towards the end of the film, hints at the total insanity that the film's been holding back during its long stretch of spelunking chases and underwater fights with vaguely glimpsed creatures. It finally goes full-on action movie, and the bit where the mutated Jack (Cole Hauser) throws an exploding oxygen cylinder/flare bomb and jumps off the rocky outcropping with his knife out to land on a flying bat/orc is pure monster-movie gold.

The team also includes Lena Headey (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), who's the one who figures out the bat-orcs have a vulnerability to sound. And Daniel Dae Kim (Lost/Angel), plus Morris Chestnut (V). Too bad Daniel Dae Kim gets himself eaten. Poor Jin, he never gets to have a happy ending. [IMDB]

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