Awesome blog: the erotic horrors of Scary Sextoy Friday (NSFW)

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At Scary Sextoy Friday, blogmaster Molly Mounds catalogs the most abominable playthings in sexdom, from Cthulhu-like genitals to prosthetic sex organs that resemble Kuato from Total Recall. Extremely NSFW (and probably not safe for anyone).


Scary Sextoy Friday dredges up the sex toy industry's most nightmarish devices, many of which are penises grafted onto disembodied limbs. These products are presumably marketed towards The Human Centipede demographic. Here's the blog's raison d'être from Molly herself:

Molly Mounds is a writer, editor, and online smut peddler in the heart of Silicon Valley. She encounters many terrifying sextoys on a daily basis, and chronicles them here, for your pleasure, dismay and horror.


What you are about to see is designed to produce sexual gratification — let that marinate for a second. Also, I didn't even post the worst of the worst (i.e., Cockula and the horrifying penis-vagina-boob-all-in-one creature). This is just the tip of the Terror Iceberg.

Henry the Etsy Dildo.

Some Alien dildos (there are also Predator and Pred-alien models).


The Easter Island butt plug. There is apparently a market for this.


[Scary Sextoy Friday via Slashdong]

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it must be bunnies

If it is "and probably not safe for anyone" why even bother to post this on i09?