Every season, the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood picks the best work from its students in areas from 3D environments to creature design (like this creature, pictured, by Maggie Toh). We've got a special preview of winners from Gnomon's summer session, showcasing new artists who could soon be producing designs for your favorite movies and games.

Visual effects artists can do work in product design (you can see a couple of car designs here), commercial design, game concept design, and movie effects. When you look through these summer session winners, you'll catch a glimpse of what these students hope to do with their training and talents. Best of luck to these outstanding VFX students!

Grand Prize Winner – Cenk Cevdet

Hardsurface Modeling – Luis Sanchez

Environment (3D) – Sonja Christoph


Environment (2D) – Justin Fields

Creature Design – Maggie Toh

Creature (3D) – Adam Hensel

Commercial – Clint Siu
Character for Games – Adam Hensel


Character (3D) – Mari Kuwayama

Compositing – Cenk Cevdet


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