Avengers Concept Art Shows A Scarier Ultron, And The Scariest Hulk Ever

Age of Ultron has only been in theaters for — what, 11 days? — but the movie’s concept art has already begun to hit the internet. Check out a variety of alternate costumes for Quicksilver, other possibilities for Ultron Mark I and the Iron Legion, and a Hulk pic that will haunt your nightmares.

All art comes from the watchful eyes at Comicbook.com. First off, other versions of Quicksilver’s costumes, which are admittedly pretty great, by conceptual artists Andy Park and Jack Dudman:


You can see several more (less stylish) possibilities at the link above. Next, a cool Ultron Mark I concept piece by Andy Park:

And a few Iron Legion concepts from Josh Herman (you can see more here):


That second dude looks like Cobra Commander in an Iron Man suit, which sounds like a hell of a great fan fic just waiting happen. And last but not least — mainly because it is terrifying — here’s Ryan Meinerding’s “happy” Hulk:

[Picture removed at the request of the artist.]

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