Avengers Assemble kicks off & Deadpool crashes Ultimate Spider-Man

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This week in the world of cartoons, Avengers Assemble begins its weekly run on DisneyXD, Deadpool makes an amazing cameo, and Bender tries to steal the powers of a guitar hero on Futurama.

TMNT is off, but returns July 20th. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Ultimate Spider-Man – "Ultimate Deadpool"

Most days I feel like Deadpool is way overexposed. Most of those days are called Wednesdays, when I walk into my local comic shop and find at least two new titles with Deadpool on the cover. This week's episode of Ultimate Spider-Man features an appearance of Deadpool worthy of the mirth-filled Joe Kelley run in the late 1990s.

The Ultimate Spider-Man vibe fits Deadpool a lot better than it does Spidey. One of the best lines in recent cartoon memory is uttered by Deadpool in the clip above — "I was a normal baby for thirty seconds...then ninjas stole my momma. Nick Fury saw my awesome, took me in. He suckled me with the sweet milk of justice."


Avengers Assemble – "Ghost of a Chance"

Falcon takes the spotlight as Avengers Assemble goes weekly. Space Phantoms (a nod to Lee & Kirby's Avengers #1!) are invading Earth, with all of the Avengers, except for Falcon, compromised.

Adventure Time – "Wizards Only, Fools"

The Candy Kingdom's preeminent gravedigger, Starchy, has a cold and looks to Princess Bubblegum for a cure. The ever analytical Bubblegum refuses to resort to Starchy's preferred healing method - magic - to cure Starchy, sending Bubblegum, Abracadaniel, Finn, and Jake on an adventure to find the Grand Master Wizard.


Regular Show – "Country Club"

Mordecai and Rigby have lost their precious cart to a stuck-up country club, a country club that aims to turn the confiscated cart into a lavatory accoutrement.


Transformers Prime - "Minus One"

This season has been extremely Autobot-less (no that I mind that at all), as the Decepticons and the Predacon saga has been the core of season three. The Autobots return to center stage in this episode, as they come across top secret information regarding the Decepticon's Predacon program.


Futurama – "Forty Percent Leadbelly"

Bender, in hopes of mimicking his favorite musician, breaks into prison to steal the folksinger's guitar. I'm not trying this with a Paul McCartney bass. Just look the other way.


For a full look at this week's episode, check out Esther's weekly Futurama synopsis.


Teen Titans Go! – "Super Robin"

Batman and Robin - two good guys that honed their body to Olympic-level perfection for the purpose of fighting crime. Robin is tired of this path, and is looking to grab some super powers of his own to make life easier.


Top image courtesy of Marvel Comics and DisneyXD. Avengers Assemble & Ultimate Spider-man air Sunday mornings on DisneyXD. Futurama airs Wednesday night on Comedy Central. Teen Titans Go! airs Tuesday nights and Saturdays on Cartoon Network. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on Cartoon Network.


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Maybe I'm just being snarky, but that Deadpool voice is terrible. It's the wrong sort of annoying, too cartoony, and really bugs me. It's too Roger-Rabbit and not enough authentically-funny.

Also, I hate that Deadpool's voice is never weird. In the comics it always had a weird bubble-design which implied that he had a weird-sounding voice, but in cartoons and games he always just talks like a regular person who isn't funny.

In the second clip it sounds like a lame imitation of the Regular Show for about two seconds.