Avengers Assemble For Marvel's Siege

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Just in time to start capitalizing on the cinematic build-up to Marvel Studios' Avengers movies, Marvel Comics are getting the band back together, uniting Iron Man, Thor and Captain America for the first time since 2003 for something called Siege.

Written by Avengers head writer Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Thor and House of M artist Olivier Coipel, the Siege event (launching with December's Siege: The Cabal special issue) brings the stars of Marvel Studios' next three movies face-to-face for the first time in six years.

(In the meantime, two of them have "died" and been brought back to life, and Iron Man has become the head of the US intelligence community before being forced to induce a loss of intellect in order to save the world from someone misusing the files stored in his head. Or something),


The series also brings the Dark Reign status quo to an end, closing a storyline that's been running since 2006's Civil War series. But that's not all, according to Bendis:

What people may not know is that what happens at the end of SIEGE is as big a change to the Avengers franchise as when we Disassembled them and started the New Avengers. A decisive change for the Avengers franchise coming out of it will be completely different then what went into it. And that is something I'm very, very excited about.

A decisive change that might leave a team that resembles the yet-to-be-announced movie Avengers? Somehow, we wouldn't be too surprised.

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While I've enjoyed it as a whole, I've gotten so tired of hearing how "Osborn's gonna lose it! Any day now!....just wait!!!" from the characters opposing him that I'm rooting him to NOT lose it and NOT have his house of cards come crashing down around him. I still want an end with him out of every book in the MU, but I'm rooting for the not so obvious end.