James Cameron's Avatar score will be filled with singing in the Na'vi tongue. Zoe Saldana talked Na'vi native to us on camera, and we liked it... a lot. But James Horner's three-hour soundtrack is not just blue people singing.


In an interview with Movie Score Magazine Mike Knobloch, the executive vice president of Fox Music, reveal that the almost three-hour long movie will have a score that is equally as long, yikes.

The music is being composed by James Horner, who also worked on Aliens with Cameron. But when he wrote the music for Aliens, Horner "had 3 1/2 weeks to finish about 80 minutes of music." He's had almost a year to finish Avatar. The score includes a vast array of musical instruments, both electrical and acoustic. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a jungle-cat band, with guitars made from vines and sticks.

For more information about the musical work check out Movie Score.

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