Avatar Isn't Finished Yet?

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With less than a month to go before Avatar is released, the movie was unfinished as recently as midweek. Isn't that just a little too close for comfort?


The news came from a Wall Street Journal report about the rush to finish the movie in time for its December 10th premiere, with the paper reporting that "around 30 minutes" of the movie were incomplete at time of writing:

Some of the tasks still facing the filmmakers are typical postproduction work such as scoring and "color timing," or ensuring that hues are consistent through the film. But other aspects include more basic production elements, such as special effects being generated by Weta Digital in New Zealand, the effects studio of "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson, plus seven other effects houses.


/Film notes that the day after the WSJ report went live, Weta reported having finished their involvement with the movie, which bodes well... if still worryingly late. We're not really sure we could believe that the movie won't be finished in time - Surely, with a budget rumored to be above $300 million and marketing for the movie having already heavily underway, it can't afford to miss the opening date - but we look forward to nit-picking fans announcing that they can "tell" which scenes were rushed in order to make it under deadline.

(From the above Hollywood Reporter link: Here's an example of the "Augmented Reality" co-marketing Coke Zero is doing for the movie:)

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Transformers 2 was technically unfinished by the movie was released. They patched it up rrrrriiiiiiiiight before the Japanese premiere.

It's not an uncommon thing to see, but it's getting out of hand. Movie makers should stop announcing the release dates even before the scripts and casting are finished.