Avatar Is The Work Of The Devil, Says Idiot Pastor

Pastor and shit-stirrer Mark Driscoll claims that Avatar is the devil's work, aimed at promoting paganism and primitive lifestyles. Sounds like somebody just needs to make "Tsaheylu." Of course, after watching the "Na'vi" on chatroulette, he's got a point.

Part of me feels dirty for giving this guy the attention he so desperately deserves what with his flashy haircut, fancy mic and spiffy YouTube page. But I just found his "message" so awesomely hilarious, I had to share it with you all.


I don't know what is more ridiculous — his shoehorned message or the Avatar LARPers who have gone berzerk on chatroulette. I bet if Pastor Mark Driscoll spent some quality Tsaheylu time on chatroulette with the Wisconsin Hometree clan, he'd think differently about this film.

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