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Avatar Game Takes Us Deeper Into Pandora

Illustration for article titled Avatar Game Takes Us Deeper Into Pandora

Before James Cameron's Avatar hits theaters, you'll be able to explore the world of Pandora in the accompanying video game. New clips offer a few more glimpses of Pandora's lush jungles, monstrous creatures, and human-on-Na'Vi violence.


MakingOf spoke with Kevin Shortt, the lead scriptwriter for the Avatar game. The game's release actually predates the film's; it hits shelves on November 24th, when we won't see the full feature film until December 18th. Although the game is designed to be an immersive experience — one that delves farther into the mythos of Pandora and the Na'Vi than the film does — we apparently shouldn't expect any spoilers for the movie's storyline. The Avatar game and the Avatar film follow entirely different plots, though the human-Na'Vi conflict appears central to both.

In the interview below, Shortt talks a bit about his process and working with James Cameron, and shows some shots of the gameplay. They're not nearly as slickly animated as the film, but they do offer a sense of Pandora's world and creature design, including the planet's bioluminescent lifeforms:


And here is a more promo-y video where Cameron and his crew hype the game and Pandora itself:



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I liked this game better when it was called Halo.