Avatar Exhibition Will Tour The World To Remind You Avatar 2 Is A Thing

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Cast your minds back to the heady days of 2009 — and to the days when Avatar, for better or worse, was the only movie people would talk about. Six years on, a new exhibition celebrating Pandora will travel the globe, a less than subtle reminder that James Cameron still wants to make another one of these movies.


Fox and Global Experience Specialists want to make a 10,000-square-foot exhibition delving into the nature and wildlife of Avatar’s fictional world of Pandora, framing it as educating attendees about the scientific and technical parallels to our own world. Which is probably the best way to go about it, because I doubt that in 2015 there are dyed-in-the-wool Avatar fans chomping at the bit to go to an exhibition filled with Na’vi and... those bird things? Look, it’s been six years since I saw this movie, give me a break. (Fake edit: It’s called a Mountain Banshee, or an ikran. The more you know!)

But aside from being a gentle nudging reminder to the collective planet that Avatar was a thing that existed, the exhibition, taking place next year, will more than likely also serve as promotion for Avatar 2. The movie — which may or may not make you actually shit your pants, apparently — is set for release at the end of 2017.

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Awwww I thought it was the other Avatar.