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Apparently, what it takes to beat one IMAX 3D blockbuster from a well-respected director is another IMAX 3D blockbuster from a well-respected director. Tim Burton's Alice opened surprisingly strongly this weekend, knocking Avatar off the top of the international charts.


Cameron's colorful spectacular has been on top of the worldwide movie charts for the last 11 weeks, before this weekend's release of Disney's new Alice In Wonderland, which wasn't just the most successful opening weekend of a movie so far this year but, domestically, beat Avatar's opening weekend by more than $30 million. The movie grossed $210.3 million internationally, $116.3 million of which came from domestic audiences — despite poor reviews. Whether it'll end up having the legs to give Avatar's longevity a run for its money depends to be seen but, for now, consider this another victory for spectacle over substance.


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