Autotuned Star Wars Musical Finally Gives Us Darth Jar Jar Binks

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube
Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

The “Songify The News” crew has tackled the Star Wars anthology, sharing what they call previously unreleased musical numbers from the entire series. That includes the most shocking reveal of all: Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Jar Jar Binks. Twist!

The video, presented as a Criterion Collection-style discussion, shares several of the bigger hits and smaller tracks from Star Wars because they say the space opera was meant to be a musical all along. Luke Skywalker’s journey is reduced to him being an annoyed prick who just wanted to go to “Tosche Station” for some power converters, and then we hear about how much his dad didn’t like sand (it’s a lot). There’s even a song trying to explain why midi-chlorians aren’t the dumbest idea in the Star Wars universe. Spoilers: It doesn’t work.

But of course, the biggest reveal is saved for the end, as we learn that Snoke is actually Jar Jar Binks, and Kylo Ren has been following the orders of a Gungan all along. Of course, Snoke hasn’t been established as a Sith Lord, which means Jar Jar might not be Darth Binks, but whatever it sounds cooler so I’m sticking with it.

One of the most popular fan theories about Snoke—that he was actually Darth Plagueis—has been disproven... but do we really have any concrete proof that he’s not Jar Jar? Well, yes and no. The actor who played Jar Jar hinted that there was something beneath the surface for the character, but most of the theories insist that Plagueis disguised himself as Jar Jar before emerging as Snoke. Unfortunately, Plagueis is super dead. But whatever, what’s important is Jar Jar Binks is now the leader of The First Order.


As an extra bonus, here’s a holiday video that turns the Battle of Hoth into a Christmas parade. Because the Star Wars Holiday Special shouldn’t be the only festive Star Wars “musical” around here.


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