Autocomplete map of the U.S. asks why your state is so ___________

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As of January, 2014 only 18 states in the union have unique autocomplete-descriptions for the search query "Why is [state] so...".


They are as follows:

Nevada: Empty

Wyoming: Windy

Utah: Mormon

Colorado: Fit

Kansas: Flat

Texas: Big

Iowa: Democratic

Missouri: Conservative

Illinois: Corrupt

Georgia: Backwards

Ohio: Important

Maine: White

Massachusetts: Smart

Rhode Island: Small

New Jersey: Bad

Maryland: Rich

Virginia: Strict

North Carolina: Cheap

[The Land of Maps via ilovecharts]


1) Right to work state which actually means we (the employer) have a right to employ you at substandard wages and abuse you without fear of recrimination.

2) Education is not valued either as a means of leaving poverty, making any societal contributions, or obtaining any status.

3)The backwoods, almost-poverty lifestyle is idealized, as evidenced from the latest in "reality" TV.

4)Many of the poor are stuck in old ways and reliving old battles. It's by design to keep them focused off of success.