Katharine Trendacosta
Katharine is the Associate Director of Policy and Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the former managing editor of io9. She writes about technology policy and pop culture.
Jan 22 2020

As you know, James, my ship is the USS Salt and they hate you, Starfleet, and basically everything that’s ever happened to them. But they’re hyper-competent, so the fact that they save everyone’s lives and the galaxy constantly is what makes up for the cold fear in your gut when the ship shows up. They’ll save you, Read more

Aug 9 2019

As usual, Cranz is wrong because obviously, OBVIOUSLY, it’s Bones Urban. This shouldn’t even be up for debate.

May 6 2019

I can’t believe this whole thing doesn’t contain a single reference to Dicko’s favorite publication, NT News.

Feb 6 2019

I know it’s been three years, but a VERY angry man just emailed me, and about 20 other people at my new job at a nonprofit, to say a) I’m an idiot and wrong and b) he could beat me in a fencing bout.

Jul 31 2018

Allow me to debunk the idea that a) Rob didn’t try his hardest to keep ME sane and b) that I in any way succeeded in keeping him sane. This was a very kind thing he said in a conversation with me and James, couched in reproach that I was incapable of taking praise while in the middle of SDCC planning.

Mar 2 2018

I miss all of you! Except maybe Mike, who told me that Twitter DM was a better way of staying in touch than texting. There’s another truly terrible take of his.

Dec 12 2017

Also, fun fact, I had no idea James was writing this when I messaged him to let him know that Paul McGann is the best Doctor. He then sent this excerpt of what he was working on back to me.

Dec 11 2017

Paul McGann is the best Doctor. Deep Space Nine is better than The Next Generation. Superior Spider-Man was good. Here is my pettiest hill, though it’s one I’m still prepared to die on: Star Wars’ A-Wings are for losers, and I am disproportionately mad they’re in The Last Jedi. Read more

Nov 10 2017

I was not a journalism major, I majored in history with the intent of becoming a lawyer. I actually went to law school, which I hated, and am in possession of a law degree that I do use, even if law school itself was a never-ending nightmare.