Greg T
Jun 4 2015

Imagine get stuck in an elevator with... deodorant. I can die of hungry, but I will still smell like a charm

May 1 2014

Hahaha I made him change it to decision paralysis becuase a) I actually didn't know analysis paralysis was a widely used term, even though I love it, and b) because I thought as a result that decision paralysis helped explain what the post was about a little better—which I think still stands for anyone that doesn't Read more

Apr 30 2014

So much for growing up and not being afraid of the dark - most of our country is afraid of what they cannot see. We were taught from the youngest age that there was no worse weapon than an atom bomb. (That is not true, but we will save that for another day.) Since the accidents at Three Mile Island (TMI) and Read more

Apr 30 2014

I know many white men who have those attitudes as well. I think this article does a great job of showing how the way Asian men are specifically oppressed plays into certain attitudes they may develop towards women, but most Asian men I know personally are progressive, thoughtful people. I know plenty of Asian women as Read more