Greg T
Jun 15 2015

Hadn’t seen this post, but I ended up getting this bike in January. Absolutely love it. Although, it’s my first bike so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Jun 4 2015

I saw one of these in a hotel in Tokyo. It looked like a padded, cube-shaped stool in the corner of the elevator. On closer inspection of the sign:

Apr 30 2014

Well said. People fear what they don't understand. People feared microwave ovens and its supposedly irradiated food. They feared flouridated water. People feared cell phone transmissions. Read more

Apr 23 2014

Let's see if this shows up when you submit it...

Apr 6 2014

Sounds like WiMAX? Which was largely vapor ware?

Mar 26 2014

There's not enough talk about NYC here so here we go...

Mar 21 2014

At first glance, this info seems dubious. It's from backblaze, an online backup company, so of course they'll tell you your HDs are going to fail soon and want you to worry about failure. Sponsored by Backblaze? Read more