Charles Pulliam-Moore
io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.
Jan 20

Thanks for this. You’ve captured a lot of the concern I’ve had about how pop culture has affected some of our political thinking. Looking for a hero that will come in and save the day, when what is required is for us all to actually put in the work.

And that pop culture lens can also be applied to the assault on the Read more

Jan 15

One thing I find interesting about this show so far is how so very American it is. It makes me wonder if the target audience is more homogenous than the movie releases. Obviously, yes, there is nothing ion this show of interest to Chinese audiences, at least as far as I can tell. Read more

Jan 15

“The negative space it purposefully creates in your understanding” is a great description of the key to the show thus far; whereas the MCU in the past rewards you for keeping up with what’s going on, WV is taunting you with it and to great effect. I felt like I was walking through a particularly jaunty minefield.

Jan 15

It is really gutsy of Marvel to start this series cold. There’s no recap to catch us up to when last we saw our heroes. They put that in a separate series. They trust their audience to already know the background and be on board to solve the mystery of how Vision does not have a crater in his head where the mind Read more

Jan 15

Yeah - the red light on the toaster reminded me of 2001 Space a scary way...

Jan 14

Thanks Charles! Your early teaser summary article only makes me more excited for the release! Also, a little jealous you’ve had the opportunity to watch and digest. I’ve a feeling this series will require a few watches just to pick up on Easter eggs.

Dec 28

This movie had so much hope (hype?) coming into it. It just doesn’t deliver on most of those expectations, even the most minimal of ones. Read more

Dec 25

This better be all leading up to Mo’Nique being Onslaught.

Dec 3

I was visiting the museum at the National Geographic headquarters when I learned that when the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria set sail, the Chinese were building ships that DWARFED anything in Europe. Like, 3 or 4 times larger. And I got mad, because for all the history classes on the Renaissance and the Industrial Read more

Dec 3

Okay, these are AMAZING. They give you the pat, “right” answer you’ve always received, and then go HAM with the deeper analysis of the subject, in an easily digestible way. I can see the synapses lighting up in kids’ heads as we speak. GO AWF, SU!

Nov 16

Also: One of his collectible time capsules contains ticket stubs from when he and Phin went to see Dazzler and Lila Cheney in concert!

Nov 13

That’s what makes these things so tricky to navigate - would *THIS* United States be facing the same social issues as OUR United States when you have Captain America? Or better yet, giant EVIL mega corporations that literally everyone can rally against? Read more

Oct 23

I like how the one NPC in the Max Lair calls out the fact that Peony looks like Chairman Rose.

Aug 20

I’d also note that having her come from Portland on the show is a nice touch, given that areas propensity for white supremacist groups in the areas around it as well as folks like the Proud Boys organizing there