Charles Pulliam-Moore
io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.
Mar 2

He’s not her biological father, no, but I still consider her and Pietro his children even more than Polaris, tbh.

Feb 26

These people are a little too obsessed with theories that they start to believe themselves and then get mad when it doesn’t come to fruition on the show. Read more

Feb 26

Agatha’s never been a bad guy per se, but she’s been quite frosty with Wanda and others in the past, and I wouldn’t say that she’s always been someone people would consider friendly.

Feb 26

I think this is the correct take. When Agatha explains to Wanda the different kinds of spells she’s been unknowingly casting, she names transmutation as one of the larger ones. I took it to mean that Wanda transmuted available matter in the area around her home into vibranium akin to the way alchemists sought to Read more

Feb 16

* Seriously, we would all have been fine with having another season or two of her trying to balance being a high school student and a witch, without going all arcane superhero so fast. Read more

Jan 29

Whoops, meant to include a screenshot. So, Dottie’s not actually on the board. Herb is, and has an ID, and Agnes is there without an ID.