Author Kim Harrison Is Here To Talk To You About Dead Witch Walking

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In February, the io9 book club read Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. Today, from noon - 1:00 pm (PDT), Harrison will be joining us to answer your questions about Dead Witch Walking, alternate histories, and anything else!


Just start asking your questions in the comments section now, and Harrison will answer as many as she can this afternoon. Please be polite!

Want to find out more about the io9 book club? You can check out our past meetings here. This month, we're reading Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation.

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Hi Kim! I'm a huge fan of the Hollows. I am also an employee of the federal government, and I have to say the bureaucracy between the IS and FIB seems totally realistic. Where did you get the idea to have the two different agencies? As a whole, the IS seems more archaic/bound to tradition & hierarchy and the FIB seems more adaptable. Was this intentional? Were you trying to say something about the nature of supernaturals vs humans?