Author Keller Easterling Is Here To Take Questions On Extrastatecraft

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How does the infrastructure of our cities shape how we can live in them? Keller Easterling, architect and author of Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space is here to answer questions about global cities and the architecture and infrastructure that support them.


Easterling is an architect and a professor at Yale University. She is the author of Subtraction, which looks at building removal, Organization Space: Landscapes, Highways and Houses in America, and several other works. Her latest book, Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space, looks at both how infrastructure shapes both how people live in cities and whose in charge of setting those rules. (You can see some of the examples she's cited here.)


Easterling will be joining us from 11 A.M. - noon today, so start asking your questions now. She'll be answering as many as she can while she's here.

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Fred Scharmen

Hi Keller, glad to see you on io9.

I know one of the exercises that you've asked students to try over the years is to write "a science fiction story with footnotes" about the potential impact of design scenarios, and building worlds around that impact. Are designers getting better at working in this way? Who are some of your favorite people doing work like this?