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Author Cixin Liu Is Here to Answer Your Questions

Illustration for article titled Author Cixin Liu Is Here to Answer Your Questions

In December, the io9 book club read Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem. On Wednesday morning, author Cixin Liu and the book’s translator, Ken Liu, will be here from 7 A.M. - 9 A.M. to answer all your questions about the book.



Start asking your questions in the comments section right now, and they’ll be answering as many as they can during the Q&A. As Cixin Liu is unable to sign on to io9 directly, Ken Liu will be conveying questions to him and translating Cixin Liu’s answers to us about the book. Ken Liu will also be answering questions about his own work in translating the book into English.


Want to find out more about the io9 book club? You can check out our past meetings here. This month, we’ll be reading Lauren Oliver’s Rooms.

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Annalee Newitz

Thank you for joining us. My question is about how this novel fits into the history of the Cultural Revolution. You have a number of very moving, intense scenes where characters recall the horror of the Cultural Revolution. The book comes across as very critical of what happened during that time, especially to intellectuals. I'm curious whether you ever been asked to tone down these kinds of criticisms by the government, or by your readers? Are you ever worried that something you've written will be viewed as counter-revolutionary?