Check out the Marquis. This is a humongous "superscale carrier" ship created by the Hexans in their search for uninhabited parts of the galaxy. Author Peter Mowry created this ship for his novel in progress — and then he built a huge LEGO model that won "best spaceship" at Brickworld 2013.

According to CNET, the completed LEGO model weighed 50 pounds and had 16,500 bricks in total, standing 56 inches tall. The whole thing took eight months to put together, and you can see some pictures of the finished product as well as the ship under construction below.

What's the backstory of the Marquis, according to the novel Morwy and his friends are writing? As quoted by CNET, here it is:

The Hexans determined that large regions of the galactic cluster were rich in resources and devoid of life. The Home Council approved plans for the construction of an advanced colonization and resource-gathering fleet anchored by 120 superscale carriers built around a diamond design...

They were large enough to house medium capital ships and hundreds of support craft. Their holds could be configured to store workers and colonists, raw materials or finished goods...

Sightings of gargantuan, diamond-shaped ships are still reported, and in many instances, eyewitnesses describe them as outfitted with heavy armor and weapons batteries, supported by advanced warships and hundreds of fighters and strike craft.

Check out some pictures of Mowry's LEGO model and design schematics below, and more at the link. [CNET and Abathar on Flickr]