Author Ann Leckie is here to talk to you about Ancillary Justice

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In December, the io9 Book Club read Ann Leckie's novel Ancillary Justice. Today from 12:00-1:00 PDT, Leckie is here to answer your questions! Ask her about Ancillary Justice, what it's like to publish her first novel, or anything else!


Just jump into comments and ask questions, and Leckie will get to as many as she can during the hour she's here today. Please be polite!

Want to find out more about the io9 book club? You can see our past meetings here. This month, we're reading Tony Burgess' novel The N-Body Problem.

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Annalee Newitz

Many of us have been debating the genders/sexes in this novel, with some of us thinking of certain characters as "he" and "she" despite not really knowing what they are. (Of course we do get some reveals that tell us biological sex in a few instances.) I'm curious about how you imagined these characters as you wrote them. Are some biologically male or female in your mind, or did you think of all of them as gender-neutral "she," the way Breq does?