What is happening here? Obviously a bloodthirsty rockabilly chick is fighting back against a tentacled sea monster using a trident. You know you want more of this bad craziness.

In El Monstro del Mar, a group of luscious, retro-styled assassins are hiding out in a tiny seaside town. Unfortunately, they don't listen to the old salt who tells them not to go into the water - and they awaken THE BEAST. One with tentacles to penetrate you with. According to Undead Backbrain:

El Monstro del Mar will be premiering at a gala event hosted by Lost Art Films at the Astor Theatre, St Kilda, Australia, on 9 April.


Lucky Aussies with their awesome sea monster assassin Bette Page movies.

via Undead Backbrain (Thanks, Avery Battles!)