Aunt May Spin-Off Prequel Movie Rumored, HA HA HA NO

Illustration for article titled Aunt May Spin-Off Prequel Movie Rumored, HA HA HA NO

We have seen a lot of ridiculous rumors in our day. But an Aunt May-centric feature film sans Spider-Man? You're fucking high.


Take this report with an absolute gargantuan grain of salt for reasons of sanity because it is most likely complete bullshit. Latino Review is reporting that Sony is "working" on a Aunt May origin story. The Aunt May movie wouldn't star Sally Field but a younger version of this older comic book character, where she's a spy, because of course she was. Note: This is purely Sony's idea, because Aunt May Agent of Whoever is too ridiculous for the comics, which is saying something.

Do we think a "Young Ass-Kicking Aunt May" movie will get made? No, of course not. But it is plausible that Sony is spinning their wheels, desperate to recapture some sort of public interest in their once very lucrative franchise. So it is very, very possible that a sony executive said, out loud, "Hey, what about an Aunt May origins story, you know like that Peggy Carter show Marvel has? She can be a spy or *waves hand* something." Proof that the "no ideas are bad ideas," law can be broken.

So long story short, don't hold your breath for an Adventures with Young Aunt May movie, because that idea is ridiculous.


I see your "Dr. Doom is a blogger" and raise you an "Aunt May was a spy".