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Have you been waiting forever for Max Headroom on DVD? Your dreams come true this month. We've got a rundown of noteworthy August DVD releases, from the very good to the, well, watch at your own risk (hello, Heroes!).


Pick of the Month:
Max Headroom: The Complete Series
Almost 25 years ago, this ABC show saw a future dominated by round-the-clock television, cutthroat network jockeying, and an all-but-extinct spirit of investigative journalism kept alive by Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) and his computer avatar, Max Headroom. Back then, it was merely science fiction. And the network — go figure — canceled it after 14 episodes and it's been lost in the ether ever since. But now the show finally makes it's DVD debut. Rejoice! (8/10)

The Other-Pick-of-the-Month:
Crumb: Criterion Collection
What a friggin' month that Terry Zwigoff landmark 1994 documentary treatment of Robert Crumb, one of comics' most revered iconoclasts, isn't the best thing coming out. And it was this close. This warm, prickly look at the world that created and nurtures the warm, prickly cartoonist goes deep — unearthing damaged relatives, Crumb's loving wife, and, most of all, the work that sustains him — and gives you a sense of how so much mania can help a man float, rather than sink. (8/10)

It seemed like just yesterday, the world was in a tizzy over this comic book adaptation — or, to be more specific, in a tizzy over Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage). And here we are, on DVD, where we can see if the initial "OMG this is awesome" impressions still hold up. (8/3)


There was a time when an entire geek nation wanted to see Christina Ricci's boobs. And now, when those boobs are starring opposite Liam Neeson in a horror/drama, no one cared. But, hey, that's what DVD is for — if your internet is broken. (8/3)

Heroes: Season 4
Look at it this way, at least there's not gonna be a season 5. Right? (8/3)

In the Shadow of the Moon
If there's anything you want to get on Blu Ray, it's this documentary, which makes excellent use of NASA archival footage and new interviews to tell the story of the Apollo missions. Space porn! (8/10)

Dexter: The Complete Fourth Season
Now, this is how you do a fourth season. (Full disclosure: I've never seen a stitch of Dexter, but it's gotta be better than Heroes' fourth season. Gotta be.) (8/17)


Batman: The Brave and the Bold — Season One, Part One
Yes, it's kind of criminal that this isn't a complete first season set — but we'll take these 13 episodes and run. (8/17)

Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season or Lost: The Complete Collection
If for no other reason, you need to get one of these releases to see the 12-minute long "New Man in Charge" short, in which Hurley and Ben turn the Island into a nude water park. Or something. Which release you get depends on your bank account/need for completion. (8/24)


George Romero's Survival of the Dead
Apparently, they keep letting him make these movies. And some of them are good. But some of them aren't. So...caveat emptor. (8/24)

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Dorian Gray
It's Colin Firth and Prince Caspian in a movie about vampires! But he's not a vampire, he's just undead. Thanks to a painting. And a Faustian bargain. But looking at the cover, you'd totally think there were vampires. And bloodsucking. (8/24)

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season
There is actual bloodsucking here, though — if you can wade through the hipster-teen posturing and faux-important waffling to get there. Oh, we kid. This is a very deep show. Super deep. (8/31)


FlashForward: The Complete Series
Be honest: If you weren't sucked in enough by the show's central mystery — most everyone blacked out and saw a chunk of the future — to watch it when it aired, are you really gonna do it now? Yeah, we thought so. (8/31)

For the days that you hate yourself just enough to watch the very worst... (8/31)


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