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Augmented reality weather helmet allows you to turn a sunny day into a snowstorm

Do you hate the idea of all the lovely spring weather coming just around the bend? Then don Magic Vision Lab's augmented reality weather-changing helmet. All your bucolic spring days can now be filled with sleet and misery.


Says Magic Vision Labs of the helmet:

ARWeather, a simulation application, [...] can simulate three types of precipitation: rain, snow, and hail. We examined a range of weather phenomenon and how they may be simulated in a mobile augmented reality system. ARWeather was developed and deployed on the Tinmith wearable computer system to enable autonomous and free movement for the user. The user can move freely inside the simulated weather without limitation. The result of this work, the ARWeather application, has been evaluated with a user study to determine the users acceptance and draw conclusions to the applicability of augmented reality simulated weather.


If you really, really enjoy having seasonal affect disorder, this here's your headgear.

[Via Make]

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Those of us with reverse seasonal affective disorder would welcome this, trust me.