ATTENTION: We are T-minus nine days to eaglet hatching

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It's crunch time, folks. The time when you set aside everything else in your life that needs doing and spend every waking hour glued to your monitor, hoping — nay, praying — that you'll get a chance to witness the hatching of a brand new baby bald eagle, live on camera.

Featured below is the live feed to a bald eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa, set up by the Raptor Resource Project. We first brought the bald eagle cam to your attention last month, just a few days after the momma eagle laid her first egg. The gestation period for bald eagles is 35 days, so the Raptor Resource Project is predicting a hatching date of March 25.


Just remember: 35 days is an average. There could be eaglet-hatchin' action in the days leading up to March 25, as well, so DON'T GET LAZY. Also, the days preceding the hatching are usually full of plenty of shifting, adjusting, and even pipping (i.e. egg-shell cracking) by adult and baby eagles, alike. I expect nothing short of all-consuming eagle addiction from every last one of you for the next nine days, at least.

And yes, we know the USTREAM ads suck. Deal with it. That's just the price we all pay for our commitment to eagle voyeurism.

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[Via the Raptor Resource Project]
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