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Attention Daywalkers! They're Throwing A Blade Rave At NY Comic Con!

Illustration for article titled Attention Daywalkers! Theyre Throwing A iBlade/i Rave At NY Comic Con!

This is bloody insane. BBQ Films, the people who previously threw a Foot Clan party and a Back to the Future “Under the Sea” dance, are doing a Blade-themed dance party at New York Comic Con. And it sounds as though there will be actual blood sprinklers! We’ve got the exclusive first look at a teaser video.


Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to party with a bunch of vampires, then this is your chance. The official NYCC afterparty will take place Friday night at Terminal 5, and the motto is “Together, we raise the blood god.” (Yay!) This “immersive cinematic event” will aim to be as close to the actual rave in the original Blade as possible, and I believe the actual film will be projected somewhere as well. Limited “early bite” tickets go on sale tomorrow. Find out more details at the official event site.

And here’s the promo video, featuring a pretty hilarious recreation of some scenes from the original film:


And if you want to see what you missed at their previous parties, here are the teaser videos for those:

Fall Foot Clan Tryouts (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Back to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance (Back to the Future)


Weekend at Bernie’s Jr. (Weekend at Bernie’s)


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You had me at blood sprinkler...