Mansion 7 is a ghost-themed mall in Bangkok. It contains a haunted house called the Dark Mansion, which is supposedly haunted by the owner's daughter and all the black-magic beasties he unleashed trying to raise her from the dead. And it hosts insane-looking parties. We wanna go!

Also contained therein: a "neglected garden;" "a large fairground space lit by a blood-red moon;" and bars and restaurants, including an eatery whose name translates to "Sacrificial Offerings," that serves only black-noodle dishes, and another that serves squid ink-dyed black hamburgers. Goth cuisine at its finest.


This being a mall, there are also places to shop, though everything seems to be targeted toward the amusement-park audience the space is designed to attract. (There's a magic shop, for instance.) Scroll down for photos galore.

The front looks like a giant claw.


It's a blood moon every night at Mansion 7.

Aaaaaaaaaggghhhhh! (Photo click.) Memories are made of this.


Ghosts love pool and ... is that foosball?

Flyer for a theme party we reallllly wish we could've attended.

All images via the Mansion 7 Facebook page.

H/T NY Times.