Attack the Block's Joe Cornish may be the director of Star Trek 3

Illustration for article titled emAttack the Block/ems Joe Cornish may be the director of Star Trek 3

He's been rumored to be in the running for a while now, but apparently Joe Cornish — director of the British scifi hit Attack the Block and co-writer of the CG Tintin movie and Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man film — is Paramount's #1 choice to take over directing duties for the Star Trek movie franchise.


Currently, Cornish is busy adapting Snow Crash for the screen, but he's doing that for Paramount, who could easily ask him to put it on hold for Star Trek 3 — which I assume they would have to do if they want to meet the movie's anticipated production start date of summer 2014.

What do you guys think? I didn't think Attack the Block was perfect, but it was quite good, and I'd love to see what Cornish would do with Trek and a gigantic budget. The results would be interesting, if nothing else.


[Via Deadline]

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Rob Bricken

I have no affinity for Tintin whatsoever, but I was very surprised at how good the Tintin movie was, especially in the writing department. So my hopes for Star Trek 3 are officially up, assuming Paramount doesn't force him to include space whales.