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Attack on Titan Will End With Its Fourth Season

A Titan and a soldier.
A Titan and a soldier.
Image: Production IG

The giant-killing anime will slay its last when it wraps up in its fourth season.


As revealed in a new teaser, Attack on Titan, which began airing in 2013, will wrap up with its fourth season, which will begin airing next year. The show premiered to massive acclaim and became a smash hit in the States, and maintains a faithful audience, even as its popularity has diminished.

The show has also come under fire for imagery in the anime, and to a much larger extent in the manga, that many interpret as having distinctly fascistic undertones (I haven’t read it, so I can’t really share an opinion here). It’ll be worth seeing how the anime does or doesn’t adapt some of those specific ideas and images.


One thing it will have, though, is giant monsters fighting each other, which may or may not be your thing. It’s a notable ending, nonetheless. Watch the short teaser above.

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I loved the first season of this - killer opening theme too, but what is it with Anime that set up an amazing premise and then fail to deliver a satisfying continuation of the story? I mean, he’s had that damn key around his neck forever!