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Attack Of The Giant Leeches Reboot!

Finally someone is remaking a scifi movie that I'm not terribly upset about. In fact I think I could watch numerous reboots of Attack Of The Giant Leeches and never get tired of the big, black, blood-sucking creatures. The 1959 Roger Corman classic is getting remade by My Dead Girlfriend indie director Brett Kelly, who promises to bring on the suckfest.The story is simple: Giant leeches kill people. No release date yet, but I'm starting to think I'm going to throw a joint party for both the Giant Leeches and the Nazi Zombies from Dod Snow. My only quibble? I do wish they would have paid just a little more homage to the truly terrible leech suits from the original. Original Poster:

Illustration for article titled Attack Of The Giant Leeches Reboot!

[Brett Kelly via Bloody Disgusting]

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I wonder what I'd get if I did a google search on 'suckfest'

Somehow, I doubt it will be leeches.