Attack of the Badly-Drawn Clones in New Animated Star Wars Series

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Somebody, somewhere may be excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie and TV series. Unfortunately, it's not the animation experts at animation blog Character Design. Or the Star Wars fans on that site.


Character Design finds the already released footage lifeless:

I would consider myself a Star Wars fan so what is happening to the animated Clone Wars makes me sad. THERE ARE NO FACIAL EXPRESSION TO BE FOUND ON THE CHARACTERS.


Unusually for the internet (please note: sarcasm), fan reaction on the site seems to tend towards the presumptive. For example, presumptions about the target audience:

They seem to be making this for kids, who don't care about quality, but they'll eat it up because it's Star Wars. This is not what I'd call a worthy addition to the Star Wars saga.

Presumptions about the internal workings at Lucasfilm and ILM:

I guess this is what happens when you export jobs. From what I hear, ILM has had some trouble getting SFX jobs because they pissed everyone off with the lack luster stuff they were giving to the other clients during the Star Wars prequels. All of the good talent went to work on all of the prequels while the other jobs went to the interns and newbie's. And now this. It's sad to see people be happy with mediocre work.


And, most amusingly, presumptions about just why the characters aren't showing any emotion:

No clear emotional direction? You would almost think Lucas was directing.

It'd be funnier if it wasn't true. Star Wars Clone Wars Lifeless and Static [Character Design]


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@moff: Bah, phooey. I love great sci fi, and wish that we could move past the Fantasy Sci-Fi that has existed since Star Wars. I would love more political allegory,deep characters, symbolism, social context. But does that mean if they are going to put out a movie where stuff blows up or giant robots fighting eachother I'm not going to see it? Heck no.