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AT&T Predicts Future Technologies in 1993, Doesn't Deliver Them

Global positioning systems, video conferencing, tollbooth transponders, voice-activated key locks, a crazy notebook fax machine, and the wrist phone: all these and more were predicted by AT&T in a 1993 ad campaign that confidently asserted "You Will"—as in you will buy our products. (Isn't it just like a former monopoly to be so pushy?) As tipster Seth points out, "Nearly all of their predictions came true, except one: none of them came from AT&T." And yes, that's smooth-voiced pretty-boy Tom Selleck doing the narration.


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Corpore Metal

In 1993 most that technology was already there in a primitive form. It wasn't really that visionary to make an ad campaign about it.

Look at Sun Microsystem's propaganda from the same year:

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