At least these Paranormal Activity 3 clips are scarier than Paranormal Activity 2

Illustration for article titled At least these emParanormal Activity 3/em clips are scarier than emParanormal Activity 2/em

Paranormal Activity is gearing up for the release of the third installment of the found-footage horror series — with an origin story set in 1988, when things started to go wrong for the demon-haunted sisters. Now check out the first ever clips from the new film. Thank goodness, it's already a lot scarier than Paranormal Activity 2.


Paramount has sent out VHS tapes to a few horror sites (along with a free VCR, so people could actually watch them). The videos revealed a lot of creepy kid behavior and fast cuts of some sort of parental torture. Perhaps it was because we watched these clips at night, but these do seem quite a bit scarier than the tepid Paranormal Activity 2 — however, that's not terribly hard to do. Could the new PA3 actually be scary? Or is it a long shot, since the existence of both sisters in PA1 and PA2 negates any fear for the fate of these kiddie protagonists? Watch these clips and decide for yourself.

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Paranormal Activity 3 will be in theaters October 21st.


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Jeez - I think that they have stretched the Youtube ghost-video concept past the breaking point here. I suppose that these flicks cost about $10 to make though, so we can expect a "Saw" like eternal franchise.