At Least the Power Rangers Movie Will Keep the Original Theme Tune

Almost everything we’ve seen from the upcoming Power Rangers movie has been about taking iconic imagery from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and making it look... weird. Some of that weird is pretty good. Some of it, less so. But now we know one awesome bit of the original show is making it over intact: the theme tune.


Yes, “Go Go Power Rangers,” a song that is pretty much peak ‘90s, will return on the soundtrack for the film—although it might not be as jam-packed with shredding guitars as the original. Eagle-eyed PR blog Power Scoop noticed that a member of London’s Philharmonic Orchestra posted an image from a recording session for the movie to Instagram last night, featuring sheet music for the classic theme tune:

That said, this is what we got the last time we had an “orchestral” version of the Power Rangers theme, so maybe there is some space alongside the orchestra for some wailing guitars?

It might not actually be in the movie—as cool as it would be to have it accompany the Rangers’ first big transformation or fight scene—but instead for the credits, like how the Star Trek films have recently incorporated the original theme into their credits suites. But either way, it’s nice to at least see that one of the most memorable things about the show will appear relatively unchanged in the film.

[Power Scoop via Tokunation]

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

Good gravy, I remember having to track down that song on cassette for a birthday present for a young cousin of mine and I had to hit every record store in town to find a copy. MMPR-mania was madness.

On a somewhat related note, James, have you been following the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger news?