At least Superman Unbound probably won't ruin Superman

Behold the trailer for DC's next animated home video, titled Superman Unbound, based on Geoff Johns' 2006 graphic novel Superman: Brainiac. After a few lackluster outings from DC's direct-to-DVD crew, Unbound seems to be back on track, with great animation, quite a bit of action, and excellent voices, including White Collar's Matt Bomer as a surprisingly appropriate Superman, Fringe's John Noble as a slightly elderly-sounding but still menacing Brainiac, and Castle's Stana Katic and Molly Quinn as Lois Lane and a rather perfect Supergirl, respectively. About the only bad thing I could say is that Superman's character design looks weird, but everybody else looks more or less okay. At any rate, after being forced to listen to Peter Weller "play" Old Man Batman in the animated Dark Knight Returns DVDs, I'm pretty sure I can deal with it.


[Via ToyNewsI]

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Am I the only one who really liked Superman vs. The Elite? Because that was awesome.