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All sorts of villain news today: Paul Giamatti talks about 2016's Amazing Spider-Man 3, Karen Gillan says that the heroes and bad guys are indistinguishable in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Arrow adds "The Captain," who brings with him a connection to another major DC character. Spoilers ahead!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Karen Gillan has an interesting view of the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy:

What’s different about Guardians is that, all the heroes, everybody [in the movie] is a bad guy. There’s just good guys within the bad guys.


She also says she's heard nothing about an Avengers crossover, but that she knows exactly who in that team she'd want to work with:

That sounds really cool, but not something I’ve heard anything about. That sounds amazing. I’d be open to that.

Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr is really funny. I just love the tone of the Iron Man films. You can really see Robert Downey Jr’s influence on those films. I love how they talk over each other. There are all of these two shots and there’s such a specific tone to all of the acting that I really love in those films.

[Sci Fi Now]

The Amazing Spider-Man

We kind of suspected this, with all the talk of the Rhino not really being the villain of Amazing Spider-Man 2, but now there’s confirmation. Speaking with Collider, Paul Giamatti confirmed that his deal to play the Rhino is a multi-picture deal and he expects to do so in the third film, set to be released on June 10, 2016. But will the Rhino be part of the villain team, the Sinister Six, in the third movie, as many have speculated? Giamatti says he hasn't heard anything "hard and fast" about that yet. [Coming Soon]


And here’s a set photo of star Andrew Garfield and editor Pietro Scalia on the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2. [Coming Soon]


Here’s a video interview with Alfonso Cuarón with First Showing about the making of the film:

Transformers: Age of Extinction

As promised, the last day of filming in Chicago ended with the "mother of all bombs." Watch the video here. [Colin Hinkle on Vimeo via Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie talked about the Falcon's relationship with Captain America and Black Widow:

It's interesting because a lot of people equate [this partnership] to Batman and Robin, but the reality of it is it's more of a working relationship, a respect relationship as opposed to a leader and follower. The three of us (Cap, Falcon, and Black Widow) work really well together and we support each other. All of us are really different in our abilities and powers, so when we come together we make an awesome tandem.



Thor: The Dark World

New poster featuring Volstagg. [Coming Soon]


Ender's Game

Go here for the full gallery of new promo pictures, but below are a few choice selections. [Coming Soon]




Here are some new promo photos, with the ones showing Julianne Moore below. [Coming Soon]




Jimmy Jean-Louis will play a character called “The Captain” in an arc in season 2. "The Captain" will be "a mysterious and deadly associate of Anthony Ivo"... and have a connection to the "the Amazo." Amazo, of course, is the name of Ivo's famous android, but it's not clear what Amazo will be in this context, given how the show changed Count Vertigo last year. [Comic Book Resources]


And here's a gallery of promo photos for season two's second episode. [Spoiler TV]


Sleepy Hollow

Good news for those of us who love ridiculous tales of the Book of Revelations: Sleepy Hollow’s already been renewed for a second season. [TV Line]


Beauty and the Beast

This season, Cat believes hard in her love with Vincent. But the major obstacle to the relationship will be... Cat's real father. [E! Online]



Here’s a promo for episode 2.03, “Love Story.”

And a gallery of promo photos for episode 2.04, “Patriot Games” is over here. [Spoiler TV]



Episode 3.09 of Grimm will be called "Red Menace" and will feature Olga, an "attractive Russian who morphs into a Malin Fatal, a Siberian Tiger.” [Spoiler TV]


The Vampire Diaries

Actress Candice Accolo revealed a little bit more about what's in store for season five:

Eventually the characters are going to come into the light about what is really going on and the bigger picture, and it’s going to be really hard truth to face. For the viewers, they’re going to be opened up into a whole different world and it’s going to be an opportunity for them to learn more about the mythology of Mystic Falls.


[TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Exec Producer Adam Kitsis says that the first of two arcs for this season is all about Peter Pan and his quest for the heart of the truest believer:

What we didn't want to do was do a villain who just wants world domination and wants to do something terrible. What we wanted was someone who had a really character-based motivation for why belief was important to him and why the truest believer was important to him. That's the story we're going to unfurl in these first 11 [episodes].


[E! Online]

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Emily Stamm