A programmable robotic vagina that looks sort of like a cake mixer promises to be the most exciting sex toy ever invented for men. Basically, it's the rabbit pearl vibrator of boy toys.

As our sister site Fleshbot reports, live from a floor show at the Adult Entertainment Expo, AEBN's Real Touch is a variable speed, textured delight - it even delivers "throbs" at appropriate moments. And it's programmed to respond to input from porn movies. So plug this baby into your computer, fire up your favorite vid, and the Real Touch will match the speed and intensity of the action on screen.


No word yet on whether you can program it to emulate the stages of the female sexual response cycle, including involuntary muscle spams every 0.7 seconds. But Fleshbot does have a video of the device in action.

SOURCE: Fleshbot (NSFW due to nekkid pictures in the ads on this site)


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