If you had a time machine, what would you use it for? Fixing history? Getting rich? Nah. You'd use it to go back in time and rescue your nerdy friends from petty social embarrassments. At least, the awesome Disney Channel movie Minutemen makes that argument, and it's hard to argue with the heroism of rescuing a kid named Eugene from a fast-food tragedy, as in this clip. At least they're not just helping their friend cheat at a DJ contest. Of course, the non-stop time-hopping by snowsuit-clad nerd vigilantes causes a deadly hole in space-time, but more importantly it upsets the school's social order. The nerds start pushing the jocks around, and the popular girl dates a nerd. In the end, everybody has to learn their proper place in the pecking order, and nerds learn that being abused and degraded brings them together as friends. Or something.