At Last, A Superheroine Who Fights Against Herpes

This blonde woman is just a mild-mannered lady, until herpes strikes... and then she becomes the superheroine you see here. This new advertising campaign for cold-sore medication Herpotherm was filming in a German parking garage over the weekend.

So yes, this is a treatment for cold sores inside the mouth, rather than other types of herpes. But that doesn't change the fact that a herpes-fighting superhero is one of the weirder concepts we've seen lately — and perhaps a sign that superheroes have gotten overly specialized.


Judging from the other set photos released by, it looks as though she's on a date with the young dude in the fancy car, until she realizes he's got a giant herpes monster with him — at which point, she transforms into her superheroic identity. Check out a couple more set photos from the Herpotherm filming above. Photos via

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