If you've ever wanted to sip a cup of tea while nuzzling a lizard, or enjoy an espresso to the beat of tiny tapping goat hooves, take a gander at these animal cafes that have cropped up in East Asia. While the cat cafe is taking the world by storm, there are numerous other species of animal you can visit outside a petting zoo.

Cat (neko) cafés, first opened in Taiwan in 1998, then in Japan in 2004 (only Tokyo has 39 of these now!). Now you can find these places in more than 20 countries.

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The Sakuragaoka Goat café, Tokyo, Japan, opened in 2009

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The few Reptile cafés of Japan, with lizards, snakes and turtles, among others

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Thanks Nature Café, the world's only sheep cafe in South Korea, opened in 2011

Bunny (usagi) cafés, hopping across Japan since 2011

Owl (fukurou) cafés, started in Japan in 2012

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Kotori, Tokyo's parrot cafes, with parakeets, cockatoos, sparrows and other birds

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A Black cat café, opened in September 2013 in Himeji, Japan

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Bonus: Penguin bars of Tokyo, Japan. There are at least four of them since 2013.

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