Astronauts, Satan and The Rock dominate the best Super Bowl commercials

Last night advertisers across the states lined up their very best 30-second to one minute spots in hopes of delighting the millions of people watching the Super Bowl into buying their crap. So what did these million dollar spots produce? A lot of advertisements set in space. There's space babies, space aliens, space wishes and an entire campaign hinged around the sexiness of astronauts. Get a load of the best commercials from last night's Superbowl.

The Rock Stars in MILK

Axe, Nothing Beats an Astronaut.

Mercedes, Deal with the Devil.

Kia, Space Babies!

Skechers Cheetah.

Doritos, Goat for Sale.

Tide, The Miracle Stain!

Old Spice, Wolf Cape.

Hyundai, Epic Day.

Kia, Robot Models.

Pistachio PSY.

Hyundai, Getting The Baby Band Back Together.

Toyota, Genie.

Bud Light, Lucky Chair.

Time Warner, Walking Dead.

Taco Bell, Viva Young!


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