Astonishing Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows How The Jungle Book Was Filmed in Downtown LA

Illustration for article titled Astonishing Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows How iThe Jungle Book/i Was Filmed in Downtown LA

It’s been two weeks since Disney’s Jungle Book was released—and we still can’t quite believe the whole thing was filmed in a downtown L.A. warehouse. Now Disney is peeling back the curtain and showing us just how this incredible spectacle was created.


No matter how you feel about the film’s source material, it’s still a pretty amazing visual spectacle. And this video shows exactly how a VFX crew created the vivid digital jungle in The Jungle Book. The sparse use of physical effects and the herculean task of making not just talking animals, but a whole jungle out of nothing, is truly remarkable.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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It’s amazing how I’ve gone from having no interest in this whatsoever to being tempted to just go buy some tickets right now. The good reviews combined with videos like this (that show the absolutely INSANE effects work) have really done a lot.