The USC School of Cinematic Arts and Intel call their 3-D flying model of the whale airship from Scott Westerfeld's YA novel Leviathan "extreme fan-fiction." But mostly, we call it pretty incredible. See the result for yourself.


According to a post on Westerfeld's blog:

For the last couple of years, the USC School of Cinematic Arts World Building Media Lab has been working on a project based on myLeviathanseries, in partnership with Intel....

What the lab is doing is a combination of high technology and storytelling, or what some of them call "extreme Leviathanfan fiction." They've created a 3-d virtual model of the airship, both inside and out, backstories for all the crew members, and a host of ancillary material, like diaries and historical timelines (more detailed than any in the novels).


They've created some pretty beautiful Leviathan prints, which you can see at Westerfeld's site. And they've created the large-scale version you can see in the video above, which is 3-D and allows people to interact with the "story-stuff" using their tablets. But you can also walk around the 3-D model using a VR headset. So cool.

To learn more about the "Extreme Leviathan Fan Fiction," check out Westerfeld's blog post.

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