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Ask Warren Ellis anything you want about Gun Machine

Illustration for article titled Ask Warren Ellis anything you want about emGun Machine/em

In January, the io9 book club read Gun Machine, comic book writer Warren Ellis' second novel. On Monday, February 11, Ellis will be joining us to answer any of your questions about the book. He may be willing to talk about his other work, too, but let's try to stay focused on Gun Machine.


He'll be here from 12-1 PM Pacific Time on the 11th, so get started asking questions now, and he'll get to as many as he can.

Want to find out more about the io9 book club? You can see our past meetings here, and get started on this month's book (the title is revealed at the end of this post).


Author photo by Zoetica Ebb

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I just ordered Gun Machine on Amazon, since I have to read everything Ellis does, ever since the days of The Authority, even all his Bad Signals. I'm just wondering, will Warren ever be doing a followup to the amazing Planetary...?

Wish he still did more superhero work! I'm wondering how Warren would solve DC Comic's current publisher-wide snafu, as he strikes me as someone who can clearly see DC's current situation for what it is.