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Sure, the premiere of new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse is still months away at this point, but that doesn't mean that you don't have any questions about it already. Luckily for you, the writers of the series are already waiting to answer whatever you want to know online.


Fansite Dollhouse Forums - Just one of the many fansites already set up in support of the show - has arranged for writers Jed Whedon (Yes, he's related to Joss; he's his half-brother. No, he's not the brother that co-wrote Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog; that was Nate. What can we say? Apparently Joss likes to keep it in the family these days) and Maurissa Tancharoen to take questions between now and mid-August from the curious and spoiler-seeking. And once they're finished with their shifts, there are replacements being lined up to replace them:

We have been in contact with FOX about holding special Question & Answer sessions and they have stated that they would LOVE to hold interviews with the fans at Dollhouse Forums. We do not know all of the specific details yet, but YAY!

Right now they have stated, "...we are holding off on most cast interviews until we are back up and running and have several episodes filmed. I am going to put you on the top of our waiting list for cast interviews, and will be happy to facilitate this several months from now… probably towards the end of August."

So start thinking of questions to ask in August and we will probably set up a special thread for whichever actor/crew-member we can get a hold of for you guys!


This isn't the first outreach effort by the show to grab some fan love; even before the pilot episode was shot, series writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain were already spilling what they knew to an eager Dollhouse TV Forum site.

Dollhouse Forums Exclusive Q&A Interviews [Dollhouse Forums]

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