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How do you put the complicated ideas and huge plot devices of science fiction on stage, with a live performance? Some of our greatest works of science fiction lately have been stage plays, but it always seems like a small miracle that SF can work in this medium.


So now's your chance to find out all about science fiction on stage, by talking to Andrew Harrison, a physician and writer of the new stage play The Future — which asks some provocative questions about what would happen if we could all stay young forever. He'll be coming in and answering your questions about his play, and about science fiction theater in general, at 2 PM PST (5 PM EST).

Here's the official synopsis for The Future, which is showing from Oct. 3 to Oct. 20 at 9th Space in New York:

The Future explores our world in perhaps twenty years time, when scientists have found a drug which stops you getting old. Six friends meet for dinner and discuss reports of this discovery. Initially they do not believe the media hype, but it soon becomes apparent that the wonder drug Senexate does work...


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